About Us

Who I Am

I am Fahim Sabuj . A drop out computer science student and a indie game developer. I love to design game and computer programming . C# is my favorite language . I use unity for game development and design. I also love to browsing internet and read others blog post. When i fount most valuable content on the internet . I research on there content and try to share my knowledge on this subject to my blog readers .

What I do

I am a full time freelancer and indie game developer . When i get time then i write a blog post for my valuable user and readers . My hobby is firming so in sunday i do not work on internet or freelancer . I only work on sunday in my own firming field . I have so many crops land .

Why I connect a big community

The ToopBox.com community consists of thousand of users who are savvy and passionate about finding and sharing good deals or suggestions . Their engagement sets ToopBox.com apart. Every deal or blog on the site is posted, rated and reviewed by the community.